Friday, September 21, 2007

ODM could take up more parliamentary seat

Candidates on ODM tickets in Rift Valley, North Eastern, Coast and definitely Nyanza province have a higher chance of making it to the 10th parliament compared to other Kibaki friendly parties. This is based on the fact that the PNU parties seem to be divided at a time when they should be uniting. Also, if the parties agree to go on their own, then ODM will take the day. This will be more of what we witnessed in 2002 between NARC and KANU this time NARC being ODM.

As for Presidency, Kibaki is way ahead of Raila, i don't forsee Raila getting that grip with majority of kenyans, also, the development record that Kibaki has can not be compared with what Raila has done in the last 15 years jumping from one party to the other in the name of seeking leadership.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Kalonzo Musyoka

What would you do if your so called friends deserted you the last minute..... the very last minute that you had been waiting faithfully knowing that you have your people no matter what!!! Well, Mr Kalonzo has undergone that and maybe he will come out a better politician.

Since he walked away from Moi, he has been advised by his so called friends that he has a chance of being the "biggest" man of the land. Well, they have misled him and if only he could foresee the future it is only then that he should swallow his pride and align himself with a credible leader in turn he will be the most credible leader come 2012.

I believe Kalonzo has the knowledge and ideas that Kenya needs to prosper but at this time, he has wasted quality time fighting battles that have depicted him as the looser. He should therefore accept this fact and probably back a leader whom they share same goals and ideas for the country and surely this will save him a lot of money, time and peace of mind. Also, he will be able to rebuild his image with the people who believed in him before the ODM-K fiasco.

Kalonzo, do the right thing, step down and count me in on your 2012 campaign

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kajiado North Constituency

Whenever you mention Kajiado North, one name comes out....George Saitoti, the former vice president, finance minister.... the one who Moi could have gone for instead of Project Uhuru.

In the last 20 years or so, this constituency has been transformed from being a masaai neighborhood to becoming one of the most developing suburbs of Nairobi. The development record of current MP is untouched, no one can speak against his record....he really helped his constituents when he was the vice president. During this tenure Isinya - Kiserian (pipeline) road was constructed and once considered bush area was transformed to be vacation center for most city dwellers.

I believe (even though Mr Saitoti has not confirmed this) that come 2012, Mr Saitoti will be the most eligible person for presidency, rumors already are out that he will be the next VP. However, he is facing stiff competition from his home. Some of his rivals will include Ole Muya, former Kajiado council chairman. But the real battle here will be between ODM-K and Narc-K.

During referendum vote, Orange movement had lots of supporters from this area, however, their loyalty is something to question since most of the voters are located in Rongai, Kitengela, Isinya, Kiserian area and they might swing their vote to Narc-K. Best thing is to wait and see

Kiambaa Constituency

As much as we want to believe that there will be no campaign money this year....not in Kiambaa. This is one of the few constituencies that millionaires seem to be fighting for supremacy. Kiambaa has been home of Njenga Karume and Stanley Githunguri both of them successful businessmen in their own accord.

Comparing with the last elections, Kiambaa constituents have not yet decided which way they will be going. One thing for sure is that no one singing Uhuru Kenyatta song this time will get through in this town. As for the current MP, Mr Njenga Karume, he is among the MP's that most people are clearly saying that they will not make it back. With all the crime that has been going on in this constituency, the people already are seeking for new leadership. This might be considered a NARC-K stronghold but you might be surprised come elections day.

One thing for sure is that money will be poured, voters will be bribed in this area but the youth vote will make the difference. Most of the registered voters in this constituency in the last 3 elections have been the youth and seems like they have been voting on euphoria of the party of the day, all i know is that change is coming in this constituency.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Narc-K Wrangles a benefit to aspiring politicians

Current wrangles in Narc Kenya are benefiting young and upcoming politicians. The wrangles are helping the voters to see who their real leaders are. Most of those fighting for the top positions in the party are doing so since already they know that they might not be making it back to parliament and they have to be in good books with President Kibaki for that nominated MP post or anything the prezzo might swing their way.

For aspiring MP's, they are having more time now to reach the constituents and get to know them while the veteran are hold up in the city trying to figure out who is who's boss. Only fear that they upcoming politicians have is nominations. These party nominations which in most cases are repeat of the infamous 1988 mlolongo voting, usually are predetermined and are only done as a formality. Maybe that explains why all veteran politicians want to be part of the governing body in the party so that their nominations can be guaranteed.

Let them know that the Youth have decided that this year we are voting for individuals, whether our brothers/sisters do not make it through party nominations due to fraudulent way of deciding who the winner is then we will follow our aspiring leader to whichever party and make sure that they sail through.

Kamukunji and Kasarani Constituency

When you talk of Kamukunji, you talk of Kenya's second liberation. The constituents did suffer as much as most of politicians since their back yards were the battlefields with the Kanu Government. The constituents are claiming that for many years, politicians come from "outside" other constituency's and claim Kamukunji. This will be a year that the voters majority of them the youths who have continuously suffered through unemployment and inability to access help from their MP's take the stand. The battle in Kamukunji at this time is more of Who is who rather than what party they are in.

They can attest to this that "outsiders" don't care based on the performance of current MP, Mr Nyagah. Little has been done in this constituency in terms of development even though the constituency is in Nairobi Province, the roads, sanitary conditions and education has taken a back lash. Also, the current MP has not utilized the CDF money thus making it the only constituency that has the most money sitting in the bank.

Party wise, whoever makes it through Nominations on Kibaki's party will have a better chance than the ODM-K counterpart. Based on the last two general elections, voters elected Kibaki for president and Democratic Party member of parliament. All we know for sure is that the current MP has no chance of making it in this constituency and should not even dare try to run. Him being one of Kibaki's close friends, we expect him to be nominated to parliament anyway.

Kasarani Constituency

This is another constituency in the heart of the city that the MP has done nothing worth talking about in the last 5 years. His perfomance record in this constituency is pathetic. He seems like he made it to parliament and forgot about where he came from. His contributions to national development is almost minute if there is anything to talk about. Even though Mr. William Omondi has been hanging out with Raila of late, his appearance with ODM Mighty has little or no effect on Kasarani people.

With this in mind, Kasarani will be a hot bed and its too early to call the party that will take the day here. Both front runner parties ODM-K and Narc-K seems to have multitude of support here. All elections in Kasarani have been tightly contested with winners leading with a small margin. Same is expected. It all now depends where most voters are registered, this will help when it comes to winning civic seats but for parliament its hard to call. Areas like Mathare, Baba Dogo are in most case here ODM-K strong hold while Kasarani, Mwiki, and Kahawa are more to the Narc-K.

All I can say regarding Kasarani is that the current MP William Omondi has no chance of making it back to parliament. Current people on the lead are the ones who are championing for youth leadership. Expect all rounded changes from Kasarani with new youthful MP and lots of new faces in Nairobi City Council.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Nairobi Constituencies: Westlands and Dagoreti

Westlands Constituency will be a hot spot again come this general elections. This is where the country first new that the parliamentary nominations are in most cases just a process but in reality the top party leaders usually know whom they want to run for parliament. Last general elections show down between Betty Tett and Fred Gumo is most likely going to happen with Tett in Narc-K and Gumo in ODM-K. Information coming from the ground is that Westlands is an open seat basically because Gumo has not lived to what he promised the electorates. He will definitely have a hard time convincing and seeking for votes in this constituency. Also, there are other prominent leaders who have shown interest in this constituency and they seem to be better placed that Gumo.

Also Mr Gumo's association with violent groups will be one of his down falls. People are tired of living in fear. As for Betty Tett, it will not be easy ground for her. Kamlesh "Paul" Pattni is also eying for this seat. Considering the number of Asians living in this city, votes that would have gone to Tett will be going to Kamlesh. Most of the civic seats in this constituency will be split on presidential candidates. This is where the party will really matter.

As for Dagoreti, candidates in Kibaki's party will definitely make it through. ODM-K seems not to have much on the ground taking off in this constituency. Of all the Nairobi constituencies, this is the only place that seem to vote more like central province. Also the constituents seem to be enjoying the support they are getting from their MP, Ms Beth Mugo but the young voters can make that change. If a youthful MP makes a stride in this constituency , he/she will have an easy task of unseating the incumbent MP.

As for civic seats, most of the people will vote on a three piece that means the president parliament and civic so Kibaki people will be enjoying the majority of votes here.