Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kajiado North Constituency

Whenever you mention Kajiado North, one name comes out....George Saitoti, the former vice president, finance minister.... the one who Moi could have gone for instead of Project Uhuru.

In the last 20 years or so, this constituency has been transformed from being a masaai neighborhood to becoming one of the most developing suburbs of Nairobi. The development record of current MP is untouched, no one can speak against his record....he really helped his constituents when he was the vice president. During this tenure Isinya - Kiserian (pipeline) road was constructed and once considered bush area was transformed to be vacation center for most city dwellers.

I believe (even though Mr Saitoti has not confirmed this) that come 2012, Mr Saitoti will be the most eligible person for presidency, rumors already are out that he will be the next VP. However, he is facing stiff competition from his home. Some of his rivals will include Ole Muya, former Kajiado council chairman. But the real battle here will be between ODM-K and Narc-K.

During referendum vote, Orange movement had lots of supporters from this area, however, their loyalty is something to question since most of the voters are located in Rongai, Kitengela, Isinya, Kiserian area and they might swing their vote to Narc-K. Best thing is to wait and see

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Kenyanomics said...

Is this guy relevant in national politics anymore?