Friday, September 7, 2007

Kalonzo Musyoka

What would you do if your so called friends deserted you the last minute..... the very last minute that you had been waiting faithfully knowing that you have your people no matter what!!! Well, Mr Kalonzo has undergone that and maybe he will come out a better politician.

Since he walked away from Moi, he has been advised by his so called friends that he has a chance of being the "biggest" man of the land. Well, they have misled him and if only he could foresee the future it is only then that he should swallow his pride and align himself with a credible leader in turn he will be the most credible leader come 2012.

I believe Kalonzo has the knowledge and ideas that Kenya needs to prosper but at this time, he has wasted quality time fighting battles that have depicted him as the looser. He should therefore accept this fact and probably back a leader whom they share same goals and ideas for the country and surely this will save him a lot of money, time and peace of mind. Also, he will be able to rebuild his image with the people who believed in him before the ODM-K fiasco.

Kalonzo, do the right thing, step down and count me in on your 2012 campaign

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Kenyanomics said...

Opinion polls got him thinking he was popular in ODM and among Kenyan electorates.