Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kiambaa Constituency

As much as we want to believe that there will be no campaign money this year....not in Kiambaa. This is one of the few constituencies that millionaires seem to be fighting for supremacy. Kiambaa has been home of Njenga Karume and Stanley Githunguri both of them successful businessmen in their own accord.

Comparing with the last elections, Kiambaa constituents have not yet decided which way they will be going. One thing for sure is that no one singing Uhuru Kenyatta song this time will get through in this town. As for the current MP, Mr Njenga Karume, he is among the MP's that most people are clearly saying that they will not make it back. With all the crime that has been going on in this constituency, the people already are seeking for new leadership. This might be considered a NARC-K stronghold but you might be surprised come elections day.

One thing for sure is that money will be poured, voters will be bribed in this area but the youth vote will make the difference. Most of the registered voters in this constituency in the last 3 elections have been the youth and seems like they have been voting on euphoria of the party of the day, all i know is that change is coming in this constituency.

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Kenyanomics said...

Whoever wins Kibaki party's nomination atakuwa Mheshimiwa.